Synergy H-TWO-O is an early education and intervention program rooted in principles and practices that promote internal and external peace for the individual child and their parent. It is rooted in the works of Bronfrenbrenner, Ainsworth, and Erikson.

Synergy H-TWO-O’s consulting team works together with parents, families, and other professionals to support and empower children to understand and embrace their unique challenges and gifts. The program recognizes that this journey is exciting and thrilling, and upsetting at times for children, parents, and families. The program utilizes the relationship based model of services and reflective practice (Heffron et. al, 2005), to support children and families with this dichotomy and journey. It enables staff to think about children and families within a critical, developmental, clinical, and diverse lens.

The program uses a relationship based model of services and principles from Brazeltons's Touchpoints.  Humbly, the program seeks to empower parents as the true holders of change in their children’s lives as it recognizes that the consulting team will only work with a family during the early years. This principle is consistent with the works of Shonkoff and Phillips (2000). 

Join Synergy H-TWO-O as they embark together on the first eight years-of-life (birth to 2nd grade) with families and their young children. In the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha and Kenyan spirit of Harambe (synergy), Synergy H-Two-O Inc., work’s together for internal harmony in the development of young children, parent(s) and their families.