Program Mission

The Mission of Synergy H-TWO-O includes to utilize the consulting staff’s combined professional experience to support parents and families toward healthy relationships with their children. It aims to foster also greater opportunities for learning in all developmental domains. A primary goal of the program includes to support and create mutual enjoyment between children and parents. Synergy H-TWO-O seeks to prepare young children, including those with special needs for greater success upon entry into kindergarten and beyond. 

Program Design

Synergy H-TWO-O provides education, early intervention services, early childhood education mentoring, and parent training among other.  The program focuses on attachment theory and Brazelton's Touchpoints. Synergy H-TWO-O is poised to provide also parent support groups, including a 8-week attachment COS© parent training program. The program recognizes the importance of secure attachment in relationships throughout life. Consistent with Erikson’s Stage Theory, Synergy H-TWO-O seeks to foster trust between parent and child. The program utilizes developmental assessments, screening tools, and educational assessments to inform and modify both learning and teaching experiences for young children. The program supports early childhood and child development literature on various topics, including diversity, sports, and volunteerism. 

Consulting Team

The specialists at Synergy H-TWO-O are skilled in atypical and typical development, assessment, education psychology, early childhood education, early childhood special education, and elementary education. They hold Doctoral and Masters’ Degrees in Education. They hold also credentials in Early Childhood Special Education, Multiple Subjects, and possess child development permits. The team collaborates with other professionals in the community to  to foster the healthy development of children and families.